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    Ardor Rocks – Chapter 1

    So Let’s start from the basics… what is Ardor Rocks?

    Ardor Rocks is a community website based on BuddyPress + bbpress (forums) which allows users to have a social network and a forum working side by side.
    As it happens in other social networks, it’s good practice to have FRIENDS. Having friends is a good thing because being alone in this world sucks and because you can sort this activity page by eliminating all the noise and focusing only on your friends posts. Once your logged in and you have made some friends, click on the link above called “MY FRIENDS”, on the right of “ALL MEMBERS” and you will only see the updates of your friends.
    Isn’t that cool?
    You can anyway see what non-friends post by clicking on the “ALL MEMBERS” link above.

    This is the first chapter of many to follow… stay tuned and remember that Ardor Rocks!

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