• TheWireMaster posted an update 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Dear passengers, Ardor Rocks found a new hosting home!
    If you can, please participate, so we can check if all is working fine and also the rewarding system is working correctly.
    And don’t forget to add your Ardor account in your profile to receive the rewards!

    • Login with Brave browser didn’t work… via Firefox it’s ok.

      • but it’s unfortunately slooooow 😴 😞

        • thanks for testing! Will do some tests in the coming days to try to speed up things.
          If needed I’ll remove some features if that helps with the speed.
          Will keep you posted.

      • Regarding Brave, I’ve just installed the new Brave Browser for Mac and login is working fine.
        Regarding speed, I’ve removed some sidebar elements, I’ve added some caching and optimized the database.
        Another big speed impact comes from the embeds. All twitter, youtube previews are additional time that the website needs to fetch that data and show it.
        I could try to remove the embeds, but then it might get a bit boring and old school forum-like.
        If more text content would be posted then the embeds would slide out of the main page and potentially make it faster.
        I’ll continue testing and trying to improve.

        • Ah, I also removed the PWA plugin so now on mobile it’s simply a website and of course it’s possible to bookmark it on the Home Screen and still it will give a full page view.
          I hope that also helps to improve the performance a bit.

          • Tested again. It’s faster now and Brave also works. Still not perfect, tbh, but absolutely acceptable. Testing on Linux, btw.

            • Yes, there are a couple of things that need to be improved. But I’m really happy with the latest day’s progress!!!
              As usual thanks for testing! 👍

    • No problem.. would love to see the picture uplooad function, because I believe, that we could get quite a lot of new users, if we did that Triffic moments competition here. I would happily donate a few GPS for that….

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