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    Very cool @shugo! Looking forward to the next episode!

    Why do we invest in shitcoins?

    • Thanks, will take some time tought;)

    • Someday sooner or later, all blockchain system has similar and same function. Only minor difference. Now, Jelurida has some unique and forward function in blockchain business, but someday others also will may copy or develop much more better function and catch J. And then, there is no space and time for system 2. For example, think about buying TV or Mobile recently. Who care about function? Consumer just follow their instinct, like fancy appearance or celeb…I confidently say that we, Jelurida, are loosing our time to activate of system 2..Hundreds or maybe thousands blockchain system will be displayed in front of our sight soon. Then,, will we have a time for system 2?

      • Yes exactly. I mean look at smartphones: every smartphone is basically the same. Apple iPhone has such a high market share but not because of its hardware superiority. It’s because of design and marketing, which targets System 1. Hardware Specs is already System 2 and if your System 2 would decide, you would probably not buy an iPhone.

        Btw. I reposted the article on Medium: https://medium.com/@bl0kphile/why-do-we-invest-in-shitcoins-59308ad42785

        • What Apple did well was build a big fanbase mainly focusing on System 1, but also delivering a very solid product. And every time they had a new evolution in the space, they made sure to create an event around it, triggering a System 1 explosion letting people sleep in front of the stores! 😁

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