• TheWireMaster posted an update 11 months ago

    Quick question about ardor.rocks performance.
    I know that the speed if the website is not the fastest and I’m trying to find ways to make it faster.
    My main suspect goes on:
    – pictures plugin. It’s really slow to load the input box. I’m trying another plugin on thewiring.com and it seems much better. (thewiring.com is more or less a clone of this website)
    – embeds. When embedding pictures from other sites, youtube, twitter, etc, that causes additional time to collect that information from other sites.
    If any of you is registered also on thewiring.com I would be glad if you could do a quick comparison of performance.
    Thank you!

    • I’ve activates also a different caching plugin. Let’s see if that also helps

    • Much better performance right now. What did you do?

      • In the last couple of days the biggest problem was the “registration attack”. That was stressing a lot my server. So yesterday I blocked the IP traffic from some “spam” networks directly in the router.
        Also the server was restarted and maybe that helped too.
        Still want to find a way to replace the pictures plugin because that makes it slow to load the text input area. The other plugin I’m using on thewiring loads it much faster. Of course without pictures plugin that’s very fast, but maybe it’s worth to keep that so people don’t need to upload their pictures on some other website and make that a complex process to post a picture/screenshot.
        Anyway this affects the speed only when logged in because when you are not logging in the input text area doesn’t appear.
        I’m still doing some tests and playing also with thewiring.com so I maybe can find some other ways to optimize the speed.

        • Now, I can login.. During last few days, I couldn’t log in somehow..Did you block me~!!??:)

          • Eheh! No, didn’t block you! 😉
            Strange… Need to check if I find something in the logs.
            Thanks for notifying about this!

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