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    Morning thought…
    Combining the anonymity of SmartVoting with a possible digital identify on ardor is actually possible by simply delivering the voting links, with disposable addresses, via encrypted messages to the “ID” address of the person via the Ardor messages feature.

    • That’s why I also like the Ardor Platform. The beauty lies in the clever combination of features. Good thought.

      • Yes, I love what you can do with it and also if it doesn’t work at the first thought, there’s for sure another way to reach your goal! 🙂

        • Somehow it gives the emotion of playing chess, doesn’t it? With the exception that there are only winners in the game.

          • yes! 😀
            how are you projects going? On SmartVoting a tree has appeared on the homepage! eheheh

            • currently on vacation near the danish border, so no time for coding. the only thing I am doing is some arbitrage between Ignis on coin exchange against bittrex. I wonder why I am appearantly the only one doing this. Maybe all others are too rich already. Or they don’t want to use Ardorgate, where I have the feeling I am the only regular customer…

            • Seen the improvements on smartvoting. It’s always nice to check back to the site. I hope the real voting will be used soon.

            • yes, at the moment it’s working very well. Hopefully I have time soon to start promoting it a bit more.
              At the moment doing some night activities/upgrades for my normal job so my brain is bit busy… 😉
              Enjoy your vacations!

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