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    In the last days I’ve created a bot on twitter that provides a voting link to anyone that types:
    Doesn’t have to be a hashtag. Just type anything and that work in your tweet and the bot will generate a new tweet with the voting link and mentioning you.
    With this bot the mission is to let people easily try the voting page and be able to verify their vote on the blockchain.
    I find it pretty cool!!! ☺️

    • Interesting.. Send a random vote to user? Or, send any specific vote case to them?

      • The bot is sending a voting link.
        The way it works is that you can create voting scenarios on smartvoting.net
        method 1:
        you upload to the website a csv file with names and email addresses and smartvoting will create new Ardor accounts for each user in that list and send a voting link to that email address. The user is presented with the questions and can vote. Once the votes are casted they are stored on the blockchain and you cannot vote again with that same link. If you open that same link you will see what you have voted before.
        method 2:
        you put a number of voters, eg 100, and the website created a csv file as output with, eg, 100 voting links that you can distribute.
        Of course this method is good for testing purposes but the vote issuer has all the voting links in his hands… so it might be dangerous. With method 1, there is no such file, the issuer cannot see the voting links sent to the voters.

        So the way I let the bot work is that I use method 2, I create the file with all the voting links and I feed it to the bot that takes one line at a time from that file and posts it on twitter as soon as one writes “ThanksALotSmartVotingBot” 🙂

        • Cool!!!so it means that voter can participate any ramdom vote when they want to do it. Am I correct?

          • yes, with the bot the purpose is to test, so one can trigger the bot as many times as wished! 🙂

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