• TheWireMaster posted an update in the group Group logo of Nice Picture!Nice Picture! 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Our twitter friend https://twitter.com/POSfan_78 is offering 200 Ardor to the 1st place of the picture competition!
    Here are the updated prizes:
    1st place: 200 Ardor + 300 Ignis + 1000 Rocks
    2nd place: 200 Ignis + 600 Rocks
    3rd place: 100 Ignis + 400 Rocks
    Remember that to participate you need to be logged in. That’s also necessary just to check how many likes a picture has. If you’re logged off you cannot see that.
    Picture has to be posted in the “Nice Picture!” Group.
    So subscribe and participate right now!
    Still 12 days to go!

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