• TheWireMaster posted an update in the group Group logo of Nice Picture!Nice Picture! 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Holidays are over and we have taken a huge amount of wonderful pictures in these days!
    So post your best picture/s in the “Nice Picture!” group starting from now till Sunday, 20 January at 23:59 CET time, and the pictures with most likes at the competition end time will receive:

    1st place: 300 Ignis + 1000 Rocks
    2nd place: 200 Ignis + 600 Rocks
    3rd place: 100 Ignis + 400 Rocks

    If more pictures have same amount of likes then prizes will be shared fairly. Eg: 2 pictures have the most likes, then 1st and 2nd place prices will be merged and shared equally, in this case 250 Ignis and 800 Rocks each.
    Pictures have to be original and you’re allowed to like your own picture! 😉
    And hopefully registrations work correctly this time! 😉

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