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    From the official Max Property Group channels:

    Dear Dominium Community,

    Unfortunately, since deciding on a new name last week, we encountered a further copyright issue with the chosen name (it’s amazing how difficult this is nowadays!) but can now confirm that we are changing the name of the Dominium platform to Max Crowdfund, and that the token symbol will be MPG.

    After long internal discussions, we have decided to bring the funding platform under the umbrella of Max Property Group as it is an established brand and has several hundred investors and historic activities already. We also already possess the social media pages, which makes the transition a lot easier and prevents further branding problems.

    The Max Property Group offerings will now include:

    Property Management(management.maxpropertygroup.com)Property Rentals (rentals.maxpropertygroup.com)Academy (academy.maxpropertygroup.com)Property Funds (funds.maxpropertygroup.com)Investment Guidance, (capital.maxpropertygroup.com) and;A crowdfunding platform (soon) (maxcrowdfund.com)

    Websites are being designed as we speak and soon you will be able to see all the changes to the Group’s websites. Max Capital and Max Rentals (only in Dutch right now) are already complete, and the Academy and Funds websites are due to go live next week. After this, the main Max Property Group website will follow and finally the crowdfunding website. We aim to have everything live by the end of the year, and we will migrate all of the above to the aforementioned subdomains and crowdfunding site.

    Dominium B.V. will be renamed (again) to Max Property Group and the Trademark Application for Max Property Group has been submitted to EUIPO.

    Jelurida (Ardor) has been informed of the name and token symbol changes (MPG) and these are being implemented now.

    Due to these changes, the launch date of the childchain has been delayed and the new date we have been given is the 10th of January 2019. This is to a small extent due to technological issues, but is mainly due to the time required by exchanges and masternodes to update.

    Remember: Submit your KYC and pass Clearance Level 1 to get your MPG tokens and pass Clearance Level 2 to invest in property assets!

    More structural updates will follow as soon as we can announce them.

    Best regards,
    Mark Lloyd
    Managing Director

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