• Sub Zero posted an update in the group Group logo of Mythical BeingsMythical Beings 4 months, 1 week ago

    @Tarasca: do you have any special plans for attracting people to your game(s) that have no prior knowledge about buying cryptocoins? How will you help people acquire the Ignis that is needed to play the games and collect the cards? Can Ignis be bought with fiat directly from your website?

    • Yes, our priority audience is not cryptoland but 1) fans of trading cards, 2) fans of mythology and popular cultures of the world. We will make special emphasis on the Galician market, on the other hand.
      To solve the difficulty of acquiring cryptocurrencies, we have two strategies. One, take advantage of the wonderful functionality of Ardor to allow transactions with 0 fee to the users of the collection (this will not be a general rule, but we will use it with profit). The second, integrate the Changelly service in the wallet itself, so that users can acquire the Ignis by credit card. The user experience will be very similar to any other game (no blockchain), where the “credits” are charged with card payments.

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