• shugo posted an update in the group Group logo of TradingTrading 1 month, 1 week ago

    Ardor seems to have found another resistance at 530-540 Satoshis after the recent Pump. I hope we can stay here to power up for the next pump πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I really hope so… The interesting thing is that all the “better known” lower cap cryptos are all sliding down.
      The only ones that go up are the exchange related tokens. I’m wondering how the CMC ranking would look like if we remove all those guys.
        • …besides THETA πŸ˜€
            • Theta is so hot right now. I’m expecting a nuclear pump in the next 24 hr and a crash and burn after. Im in since 1k sats so I will win either way πŸ™‚
                • uhm… I need to check that out and maybe try to trade… besides being one of my worst skills… πŸ˜€
                  BTW would you put your money in THETA or TFUEL or both?
                    • If i wasn’t in already I wouldn’t get in now. It can start dumping hard at any minute as well, the play is too risky atm. Especially tfuel, its already up 10x and in price discovery, the risk is too great.

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