• RockU84 posted an update in the group Group logo of ArdorArdor 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Wow, TOYOTA and Henkel and Smart voting???!!! 🙂

    • eheh! 🙂

    • Smart Voting was very useful to show the use cases. In one case even more important than any other example. If there is follow up interest, I’ll let you know. Was cool to do some real life support.

      • Is there any plan to make a serious business now~? Launching on main net?

        • There is a number of serious business in the pipeline, but I am not qualified enough to comment on that. What I comment is my experience being a volunteer for Jelurida in Berlin: it’s very difficult to get new companies on board. Either they are very unexperienced and prefer to go with mainstream products (Ethereum, Hyperledger, …) or they are experienced and have implemented on those mainstream products already. So the challenge is to get them migrated. Good news is, that I was in talks where users are fairly unhappy with their current choice and looking for alternatives, and they have seen how nice Ardor could fix their issues. Other good news is, that the Jelurida Team is really professional, that was impressive. I am pretty convinced that there will be use cases coming. Oh, talking about use cases: that is another tricky thing. There have been corporates asking ‘what use cases can I implement on Blockchain?’ and they are confused with counterquestions like ‘what use cases do you have that we can explore to be supported by blockchain?’. So there are catch-22 issues as well… but as I said, the visit made me confident.

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