• RockU84 posted an update in the group Group logo of SmartVoting.netSmartVoting.net 1 year ago

    In speaking of that voter can voluntarily participate any random vote, how about make some reward for that~? Just likes Ardor Rocks~! Just my opinion 🙂

    • uhm… not sure that’s so rewarding as it’s currently on testnet. 🙃
      But when/if it will go on mainnet then it could be implemented but as these are disposable addresses not sure it’s a good thing to send to those addresses a reward because then automatically the voter has to use that address and maybe expose him/herself. On the other hand those are activated accounts which means that the user doesn’t have to pay 1 Ardor for the first transaction. That’s paid by SmartVoting.

      • Oh, yes.. The address is automatically generated..hmm..I hope that also there is another method for someone who already has existing ardor address can participate to vote with their existing address..

        • Yes, that can be a different approach, to have a digital identify.
          The problem with that is anonymity.
          But that had many other advantages.

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