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    Jack Pot prize will be depends on time, I guess. Right? Prize will be increased until card collection completed.

    “Once a tester has all the cards in the collection in his possession, he must claim the Jackpot. This consists in sending a unit of each card to the smart-contract, an operation that is carried out from the webwallet itself. In response, the contract will send you the part of the corresponding Jackpot.”

    According to above explanation, does Jack Pot automatically implemented when card collection completed?

    • In the Public Test we are going to use a very rudimentary type of Jackpot. The mechanics are as follows: the ignis received for the sale of cards ae accumulate in an account governed by a smart-contract. Each time a tester completes the collection and claims the Jackpot (by sending a copy of each card to the contract), a transaction is generated to the winner with the total balance of the account. Then, the account continues to enter for each sale of cards, until a new winner claims the Jackpot. And so on.
      In this way, the tester that has completed the collection must make its calculations and decide whether to claim the Jackpot as soon as possible, or wait a little longer for the Jackpot to be more valuable (at the risk of another tester completing the collection and claiming the Jackpot before him, leaving zero to the account).
      In the real collection we will use a more sophisticated contract, for cycles of time, to avoid the more “gambler” aspect and that the winners will take a more equal prize. Likewise, the winners will take as their prize the scarce card of the collection: the Tarasca card.
      The claim of the prize consists technically in the sending of a copy of each card to the contract. It does not occur automatically, but it is the user who must decide when to claim it. From the point of view of the user, it is simply a matter of pressing the “Claim the Jackpot” button (no need to make 50 transfers of assets, of course).
      When claiming the Jackpot, by the way, the collector loses a copy of each card, which returns to the account of the collection to be shuffled and distributed in new card packs.

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