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    Any fresh news~? @tarascadao

    • Hi, @ RockU84! Thanks for your interest.
      We do not have any official announcement to make, but “now that nobody is listening to us” we can tell you something. Of course without promising any date.
      We have the wallet almost ready. Mal Nemark is giving it the final touches, it is not far from now. Soon we will publish the URL to make a Public Test with all the participants that want to join us.
      After the Test we will have to incorporate the feedback to the code, and logically we do not know how much time it may cost. It will depend on what the testers find: bugs, improvements, etc.
      Then we will launch the collection on mainnet.
      Meanwhile, another of our team members, an experienced board game creator, is finishing defining the rules and parameters of the first game that will use the cards. It will have both physical and digital version (the latter will take a little longer). If there are no last minute changes, this first game will use “roll & write” mechanics.
      When the first draft of the game is finished, we will do a test. Not public (because in this test we are going to use Ana’s illustrations), but we will ask for a certain number of testers from the Ardor community. An online platform will be used, a simulator of board games.
      In theory this private test will happen this month … so we can count on maybe next month!
      Well, I think we’ve already told more than we should. At the moment we have to have a little more patience. Things are going well, people are fulfilling their commitments, and the project seems to be very close to becoming a reality.

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