• RockU84 posted an update in the group Group logo of News!News! 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    Somehow, some company are starting to correct the major crypto. They don’t need to buy it on market place, they provide their service and recevie the crypto instead. Interesting.. Will they re-sell the crypto on market or keep it? How do you think?

    Now You Can Rent AirBnB With Bitcoin, Altcoins

    • Yes, that’s an interesting thing happening recently. Here in Switzerland, in the last months, 3/4 big guys started to accept crypto payments.
      My suspect is that maybe they forecast growth in the crypto market so they would keep it, in my opinion, considering also that the percentage of crypto payments on the total will be very small.

      • Exactly what I think it too. They may loss a little bit now, but somehow they’ll get profit in near future. Also, before setting up tax for Crypto, they can also hide their profit.

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