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    How about we make a donation system to someone who writing on article? Give our each own some point to article so that encourage to publish more article.

    • That’s a very good idea! In fact that will be a function in Epic Town which I hope will come to light soon.
      On ardor.rocks it would be cool, but it requires a huge job of integrating the blockchain in this website for initiating payments and not only receiving, as it does today.
      At the moment, to reward the article creators, the points are very generous. You get 40 $ROCKS for an approved post and of course the more likes you get the more points you get.
      Maybe tips can be suggested in a more basic way where the author makes the Ardor account field visible in the profile or in the end of the article “suggests” that tips are welcome at address ARDOR-xxxx-xxx-xx-x-
      Would love to have what you say but for that we need real devs, not me… 😀

      • What is Epic Town?

        • Epic Town is an idea I had since 2017 and that is currently being incubated in Adel (adel.io). It will be something like Instagram/Flickr… where users get rewarded for their pictures, but there only “likes” will be rewarded and the system will be a bit different than here.
          Also people wanting to use pictures on epic town will be able to simply use them without having to stress over copyrights. So users give free access to their pictures in exchange of a chance of gaining Epic Town tokens.
          A bit of info is here: epic.town

          • Adel is now running on ETH, right? As I remembered, they considered to lauch on Ardor, but they changed…Interesting.. I really also want to use that too!

            • Yes, the ADL coin was moved from NXT to ETH.
              The reason at the time was the chance to get on more exchanges… but that didn’t really help. In fact I think there are less exchanges now than then.
              But Adel incubates projects that are not necessarily on ETH… in fact my preference for Epic Town is Ardor or NXT… we’ll see! 😉

    • Can you reply here @rocku84?

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