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    @thewiremaster Hi. I have some problems while creating and editing topic in Marketing group. Recently write a post with a poll and it had submitted, but after I add some edits and resubmit it the post had dissipated. I am wonder what is going wrong, can you please help me with the situation?

    • I’ll check and let you know. 👍

    • Ok. Probably a bug o feature, when editing urls the topic dissapears.

      • It could be. Also the polls are a question mark. But if the topic was created and saved in the first place I should be able to see it. Soon I’ll be in front of my PC! 😉

    • What I see in the backend are some topics with the same title that have been marked as spam.
      Maybe the link is the problem. When added, my anti-spam filter flags it as spam.
      I see many topic with the same title. Shall I just take one of them and mark it as “not spam”? Or are they different?

      • After the topic was deleted I try to make another. Few minutes ago a had uploaded new one with some dits and the same link and it displayed on the forum, but after manipulation with the link(just want to delete a space before it for correct positioning) it was deleting my topic again.
        Now I am making fresh topic with no need for editing, I hope. My struggle is related to no ability to preview a post before posting, it is confusing to predict how it will look like when it’s done πŸ™‚

    • I’ll try to remove the spam from the first one then you can see if that’s ok. πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks. Btw I had deleted it and will repost a fresh one soon. Sorry for confusing you. Hope this time system will not mark it as a spam.

        • No problem! If it marks as spam, I’ll fix it! πŸ˜‰

          • Thanks. One more problem. There are still two same undeletable topics. Can you please delete them, because a had only one attempt to remove one post from “home” menu(timeline), and now I cant find another way to remove the rest two.

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