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    How comes hardly anyone is using the Arbitrage opportunities on Ardor. Example from this afternoon: Buy 9054 Ignis for 252 AEUR. Transfer Igins to Bittex and sell at 890 Sat per Igins, so receiving 0,0806 BTC. Then selling the BTC for EUR at 8150, so receiving 656 EUR. Will transfer the EUR back to Ardorgate and turn back into AEUR. Take into account transfer fees of 10-15 EUR, it still gives a profit of 390 EUR. Not too bad for half hour effort…. If more people are looking at this, we would get better usage of and more liquidity in Ardor Exchange and Ardorgate.

    • And no need to do the maths, you get notified via slack channel:
    • @mroenne may I use your arbitrage example for #ArdorInsights? I think its a good insight and it may bring more usage and liquidity to the DEx.

      • Sure you can. There are two reasons I posted it here:
        1) to highlight it first to the community here, so that the benefit is going rather to this group than others.
        2) to bring more usage and liquidity to the DEx..
        So, yes, feel free to spread it. The more liquity we have on DEX the better.
        Also, it would improve the usage of Ardorgate, which is a beautiful implementation and it’s just sad that is not yet utilised. Martis deserves much more fees for his work.

      • If you use it, it might also be worth mentioning that the fees on the Ardor DEx are lower than elsewhere… and of course all the advantages of a DEx vs. another exchange (i.e. YOUR keys, no counterparty risk).

      • Even on NXT(long time ago) I started using the DEx as I always prefered it. I hate to send funds to Exchanges and then have worries, wether I lose my money there. Maybe too risk averse, but so far, not being part of the victims of a hacked Exchange πŸ˜‰

        • cool thanks, then I will post it. I have only limited space so I will focus on the trade itself, rest can be commented e.g by you if you want πŸ™‚ (you will be credited).

          Yes I like the DEx but I have no time to use it. Did it back with Ardor assets on NXT and increased my stack by 30%

          • No prob. No need to mention me.. people would then know, which account is mine, since I am (almost) the only active one there… πŸ™‚
            “I have no time to use it” ? I get there faster than into any exchange…

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