• MrMoeJoe posted an update in the group Group logo of BitswiftBitswift 1 year ago

    Hey! Just saw the add for the Bitswift forging pool. Just one question: How are the forging rewards from Jelurida handled. Are they also getting paid out?

    • I would guess that the reward goes to the forging pool account. But not sure about that… maybe @bitswift knows?

    • PB replied 1 year ago

      The forging pool address earns the Ignis. From there they need to be distributed to the forgers. Our pool is not automatically calculating the Ignis rewards (yet), we need to adjust some things on our end to figure that out. I think the plan is to use 50% of the Ignis to feed back into bitswift.cash so they can be re distributed among new users.

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