• MrMoeJoe posted an update in the group Group logo of CommunityCommunity 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hey! Lately someone is trading a lot of FRAS with himself. There are many transactions in the Asset exchange of FRAS. Do you know what that means? (ID: 4777913785555377445)

    • Never opened their client. I would guess that it’s for market making purposes, so that others feel like jumping in when there are a lot of trades.

      • What do you mean by their client? Do they have their own client? I thought they are just an asset on IGNIS?

        • Ah, true! You’re right… Sorry was mixing up with another project that cloned NXT. Looks like I need to read more about their project! 😁

    • Now I see all those transactions you mean…
      Not sure what that means… 🤔

    • There’s still something weird going on with FRAS… Now since days someone is submitting order cancellations with too low fees and they are not getting bundles. Just look at the unconfirmed transactions…

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