• MrMoeJoe posted an update in the group Group logo of TradingTrading 1 year, 4 months ago

    Hey! I’m curious: What’s the Ardor to Ignis ratio of your coins? Mine is around 5:1

    • 20:1 more or less… ☺️

      • I think that is quite interesting! Everyone always says that Ignis is the place where the magic happens and that Ardor is just the forging token. But when it comes to where to put your investment, everyone gets Ardor. Do you also see that? Do you have an explanation?

        • It is true that the magic happens in Ignis. But it happens also on all the other child-chains. And from my point of view as investor Ardor is always there, no matter which child chain creates more magic.

    • Mine is 4:1, and my biggest mistake was to buy IGNIS instead of keeping NXT.

      I knew it back then but still I got involved in the ICO….:)

      This is also my logic: why holding childchain tokens when you can have ARDR?;)

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