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    Another impressive testimony, VETERINARY DOCTOR and EL GAS AMARILLO.
    The Argentine veterinarian Jorge Villalba, from Tandil, a professor at the University of La Plata, a member of the animal health committee of the Argentine Rural Society, among others, talks about the effectiveness of YELLOW GAS to combat BICHO 19.
    Another testimony that is added to the thousands and thousands of testimonies with clinical evidence in the field, which attest to the excellent properties of YELLOW GAS to combat the “bill-demia” bug and many other pathogens. Let’s listen and then reflect, CAN THESE THOUSANDS OF HUMAN AND ANIMAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS BE WRONG? Notice his voice, his way of expressing himself, and then compare with the doctors on television and the journalists who day by day discredit this mineral water and instill fear and uncertainty to achieve the goal by all already known, THAT WE MASSIVE INOCULATE UNKNOWN SUBSTANCES.

    “Doctors do not speak because they are afraid of losing their registration, therefore, veterinarians can speak without fear of this persecution”
    “If you are looking for Comusav or Doctors for the Truth THERE IS NO LINK TO THEIR PAGES ON GOOGLE”
    You can check this last sentence very easily, search Google for Comusav and you will see that the official link does not appear on the first pages, now go to Bing, the Microsoft search engine that is used by less than 3% of the population, and there it does appear in the first links as it should be ”

    Many thanks to the journalists of Tandil Despierta, for giving space to all the voices. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=668917503816736

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