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    @EXCH – Exchange Ignis to Ardr

    1. Anything sent may be lost forever.
    2. @EXCH service may attempt to return any unsold or unsaleable. Very small amounts may be unreturnable. Ardr sent to the account is not automatically returned.
    3. There is the possibility that a coin order never gets filled. See 1.
    5. There is a small rounding error in benefit of @EXCH. Unless there is a big rounding error. See 1.
    6. This service is not-for-profit and there is no service fee but see 6, 3 and 1.

    Description of service
    Simply send childchain such as Ignis to @EXCH and get Ardr back. See disclaimer.

    Childchain sent to @EXCH will (see disclaimer) be sold on the corresponding coin exchange to buy Ardr which is returned.

    Enough childchain needs to be received by @EXCH to cover about 1.5 Ardr transaction fees for return.
    Insufficient childchain will be returned automatically if possible but see disclaimer.

    If your account already has 0.5 Ardr then @EXCH service is not required.
    Instead use the Ardor coin exchange to buy more Ardr directly.

    How to find out if @EXCH service is available?
    @EXCH can be asked if the service is available by sending a 0 fee Ignis message and wait for the unconfirmed message reply or use the Ardor NRS API.
    Your account does not need to have any Ignis to send a 0 fee message.

    Which childchains are supported?
    All childchains as long as there exists a large enough buy order on the coin exchange. See disclaimer.

    How long does it take to return the Ardr after payment?
    Typically 2 blocks. See disclaimer.

    • Hi! Welcome and sorry for my late reply!
      This sounds actually interesting. Does it mean that the @EXCH is an alias on the Ardor blockchain?
      Does it then work also with the full Ardor address?

      • @EXCH is a mainnet alias. The service is only intended for people who need their first Ardr and only have some childchain.

        The service does work with the full address but please only use the alias so that the address can be changed for some reason.

    • Also, do you have the same service running on the testnet? So that people can test it?
      Maybe best would be to create your own group on ardor rocks so for any extensive questions we can create dedicated forum topics.

      • Hello @TheWireMaster,

        Thank you for the idea to also use it on Testnet.

        Please send 1 test-Ardr to the address and also make an alias “@EXCH” for the account. Thank you for the help. I will then try and set up the service on testnet over the weekend.

        Also could you change my user “exch-2” to just “exch” so that @exch is my ardor.rocks account? Thank you!

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