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    Hello everyone, a quick update:

    Bittrex announced they plan to delist the Bitswift market. In our meeting we found out the reason is because of low trade volume. Bittrex asked what the purpose / utility of the tokens were for, and I had the opportunity to explain our business model and products currently using our tokens (bitswift.shop / bitswift.cash). They mentioned they would take notes and get back to us with an official answer. For now I would encourage community to create more volume on Bittrex if you would like to see a market there as that does seem to be a #1 determining factor, above all others, whether a token can continue to trade there or not. That is all for now.


    • Let’s hope they change their mind.
      For me bittrex has always been the fair player and I understand that they need assets that produce trading fees, but I also believe that they should stick to the quality products as that will be the differentiator from other exchanges when this market becomes mature.
      Good luck!

    • May be, it is good time for turning point of Bitswift..How about contact some back in Canada to make accept Bitswift? I mean,, make similar with AEUR…In my case, I hate to buy Ardor from only Upbit Market..If any bank support Ardor like AEUR in Korea, I will never use any exchange..

    • Hmm.. Can I buy Bitswift Coin from Bitswift.Shop?

      • PB replied 10 months ago

        No you can buy all sorts of tech products and services for Bitswift tokens on bitswift.shop. You can purchase Bits tokens on Bitswift.cash using Flexepin voucher if you want to purchase directly.

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