March 2019 – Sudden Ardor price increase

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    Ardor’s price is visibly increasing in the last days.
    Huge buy walls have been seen on exchanges.
    What’s going on?

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    According to the trade percentage of market, Upbit Korea Market is very strong now. Maybe Creatip Korea Marketing Company doing well and finally Investor is starting to look into Ardor. The price of Ardor is getting higher but CMC Rank is still same position around 70th. I guess all crypto market is getting better now, not only for Ardor..To make more noticeable, we need some fresh news from Jelurida..Like Henkel news few days ago.

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    My take on this is that maybe Henkel (or some other future partner) needs to stock up some Ardor to pay for its one transaction fees.
    And maybe there will be lots of transactions…

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