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      Currently, the Ardor/NXT community Slack logo is NXT’s. However, to overcome the limitations of single blockchain NXT, multi-chain platform called Ardor was launched, and most of the discussions and opinions of the Slack community are currently about Ardor.
      While some may dismiss it as a trivial matter, there are many opinions within the community as to whether or not to continue using this NXT logo. In order to encourage the Ardor blockchain experience and provide a new solution for crypto community governance, Ardor community decided to vote for the new Slack community logo through SmartVoting.
      Vote for the best Ardor/NXT community logo you think.
      * To celebrate SmartVoting’s mainnet operation, the community sponsors all transaction fees.
      If you only have a Twitter account, you can experience blockchain-based voting without tokens or crypto account. Of course, it is on the mainnet. Vote, see results via explorer and learn Ardor’s amazing solutions.
      * This voting is one of the prototypes of SmartVoting running on the mainnet, and to provide a voting experience to many people, we implemented a model in which voters do not directly use the private key. A solution that allows voting rights by whitelisting real accounts and allowing voting without tokens can also be implemented.
      SmartVoting utilize many features of Ardor public blockchain.
      1. Smart transaction
      In NXT, the predecessor of Ardor, voting was implemented as a smart transaction type in 2015. SmartVoting uses this transaction type. (More info:
      2. End User’s Transaction Fee Sponsoring
      Ardor’s unique parent-child chain architecture allows voting organizers to sponsor voting participants’ fees. Because of this, voting can be conducted using the blockchain even if there is no token in voter’s account.(More info:
      3. Ardor HD wallet
      SmartVoting utilize Ardor HD wallet for reusable voting sessions.(More info:

      Here the runner ups

      Candidate 1:
      Logo submitted by @josenxt
      Description : This is logo used by some Telegram groups

      Candidate 2:
      Logo submitted by @josenxt
      Description : This is logo used by Korean Telegram group

      Candidate 3:
      Logo submitted by @guado16
      Description : This is Ardor logo.

      Candidate 4:
      Logo submitted by @thewiremaster
      Description : This is new logo, which is combination of NXT background, Ardor shape and Ignis colors.

      Candidate 5:
      Logo submitted by @josenxt
      Description : This is NXT logo

      Candidate 6:
      Logo submitted by @apenzl
      Description : This logo is combination of Ardor and NXT, meaning Ardor is built based on NXT


    • #15643

      The end of the voting session is on the 22 November at 22:00 (more or less) CET time.
      End blockchain block height: 1541983

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