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      In this forum I update on the progress of the development of SmartVoting

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      Today I’ve changed the colour of the results graphs.
      The different tones of blue are sometimes not easy to distinguish so now there are tones of 3 different colours making it easier to recognise the different results.

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      Today I’ve improved the view results page.
      Old PNG Google Graphs was deprecated since long, but I was using that so far for the charts on smartvoting.
      Today I’ve replaced the old Google charts with the new one. In this way there is no risk that they will just stop working.
      I’ve also added a progress bar which shows how many have voted so far.

      Clear you cache and hope you enjoy!

      Here an example:

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      Little update on
      now vote casting page doesn’t have a pre-marked answer (@palheiro :slightly_smiling_face: )
      and when a voter casted already the vote, the page will show the message telling that the vote was already casted and which vote was submitted
      here’s an example:
      also there was a problem on the results page
      when there was no answer for one of the answer the graph was not showing. Also the legend was not showing for 0 result answers
      now it should be ok
      here’s an example

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      design improvements on the home page of
      now there are some fancy shares, some description boxes that do little moves, a button to expand the form.

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        Martin R

        That looks quite mature already. Really cool! Any plan to put this into live? Suggestion: You could add an online calculator that would tell the user, how much the voting cost (the amount that is shown later in the process).

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        Yes, I would love to do that. In fact I was thinking at a dynamic calculator that, when you add the number of voters or you upload the csv file, that it automatically calculates the final cost.
        Also when adding more questions, it could calculate also that.
        Regarding instead the migration to “live”, I would need to wait for the 10s blocks to be implemented also there, otherwise large voting sessions might take too long to setup.

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      In the last days I’ve fixed an issue with long questions.
      I thought that only answers had a max of 100 characters but also questions have the same limit of 100 characters. Now that limit is enforced in the input form.
      Also here are the next things I would like to implement:
      – creation of voting sessions printed on paper
      – creation of voting sessions with delivery to Ardor addresses via encrypted messages. This assumes that people have a digital identity on Ardor and therefore the voting right will not be given to the voter address, as that would be identifiable and not anonymous, but it will be delivered as new voting address within an encrypted message. This might be inefficient in terms of costs as disposable addresses will be created at every vote and that has a high cost.

      Will also create an about/contact page for people interested in a trial or getting more information about SmartVoting

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      Yesterday I completed the initial version of the creation of voting on PDF, which can then be printed, and delivery via encrypted messages to already existing Ardor addresses.
      Once these are properly working, then I will try to create a calculator to calculate the fees as suggested by @mroenne… not sure I’ll manage but would be nice to have so I’ll try!

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