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      Hi all, we have added deeplinks to the SIGBRO Approval alert emails. This means that by tapping on a link (instead of scanning a QR code) your SIGBRO app will automatically open, show the approval request transaction details, and you can approve the tx right there. This is when you open emails on your mobile, of course. 😉 We made some invisible changes to SIGBRO Mobile too, to make it work.

      We’ll appreciate it if you want to help us test it.

      Here’s how to do it:

      DM me (apenzl) the email address you use for GooglePlay.
      DM me the Ardor accountRS you want to test the approvals with.

      Make sure you monitor the same Ardor account with SIGBRO Alerts; https://wallet.nxter.org/?page=alerts

      I will register you as tester, and you will receive a confirmation email from Google.
      I will send a SIG asset to your account and create a phased transaction that SIG asset holders are asked to approve.

      You will receive an approval request email from SIGBRO, which has a link in it.
      Please open the mail on your phone, we already know that scanning approval request QR codes works.

      Click the approval request link.
      It should automatically open the SIGBRO app and show you tx details.

      Approve the transaction, please. And let me know how it went 🙂 Thanks a bunch.

      You need IGNIS to do this. If you haven’t used the SIGBRO app faucet before, you can select it during setup and we’ll send you 3 IGNIS and some testIGNIS. An approval transaction costs something like 0.19 IGNIS. If you have used the faucet before it won’t work again and you must add IGNIS tokens to your account by yourself.

      Please note that you have to be logged in to the SIGBRO app with the account you must approve the transaction with. Naturally. We will add a warning if you aren’t, and also an easier way to switch account, but for now it’s not ready.

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      Hey @apenzl
      Before clicking on the link do I have to install some beta version of Sigbro? I didn’t get any mail from Google and I don’t see any beta app in my Google Play store.
      Or can I already click?

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      You need beta 1.4.1 or 1.4.2 @thewiremaster
      If it’s not available for you in PlayStore now, please try this: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org.nxter.sigbro

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      I sent some phased transactions.

      2 that need approval from 100% of SIG asset holders.
      3 that involves another asset and need approval from 2 whitelisted accounts each.

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      Hi @apenzl! It works like a charm. I couln’t imagine any improvement to make it even easier. Congratulations!
      PS. Well, we can work on translations. When you want to update them, let us know and it will be done quickly.

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      I am glad to hear that, @palheiro.

      And thank you for testing it – this goes to the rest of the testers as well.

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      Yes, it’s an awesome tool! Thanks @apenzl for creating it and adding this last nice feature!

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