SIGBRO App v 1.4.2

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      1.4.2 is available to everybody in PlayStore now.

      Change log

      – Redirect to transaction details after transaction was accepted by network
      – Show warning about wrong sender before signing transaction

      But also:
      More than a few versions passed before we pushed this one to production:

      – Support deep links from gmail web interface
      – Added assets and MS currency balances
      – Hid external operations wallet until is ready
      – Moved profile icon from the bottom menu to the main screen top
      – Updated chains icons

      – Updated transaction detail screen style (font, size)
      – Fixed broken icons (
      – Added priceNQTPerShare to the transaction details screen
      – Open in the external browser
      – Added qr-codes2 plugin to show user’s account as QR code

      scor2k is working on SIGBRO Alerts now; adding Dividend alerts + dividend messages.
      I work on UI and UX for a bit now, the app onboarding, preparations for app v2, and plan for the website.

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