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      Lots of test versions and improvements done since last release.

      ATT. @tarascadao people:
      This version should solve the problem we’ve sometimes seen with opening approval request deeplinks from the email alerts.

      Besides that, this SIGBRO version introduces push alerts.
      For all in/out tx’s but not for the approval requests yet. That, and also the email dividend-alerts, both are add-ons we need to work on pushing further to mobile.

      Any bugs you find, please post them here in this thread, or on Ardor Slack in the #sigbro channel. Thanks.

      Change-log since 1.4.2, the last public release:

      – updated targetSdkVersion API version to 29

      – logout after 30 minutes of inactivity
      – fixed bug with no availability to log in on android 10 when clicking on push notification

      – fixed the messages screen (updating behavior)
      – update transaction list via pull-to-refresh action
      – update transaction preview via pull-to-refresh action
      – smart cache control for loading transactions action
      – fixed the bug with deeplinks

      – added Sentry for handling errors
      – show toast message on errors and ‘no new messages’ on the message screen
      – show toast message about errors while loading childchain transactions
      – show transaction details if the confirmation number is zero
      – fixed the bug with the transaction status screen. The screen was not closed for a long time after the transaction was sent.
      – do not show alert on push when app in the focus
      – route to the main screen if no deeplink found

      – Load new messages via pull-to-refresh action


      – Can show push messages
      – Can store and manage all push messages the phone received
      – Can add a new account for monitoring via push messages
      – Can remove the account from monitoring
      – Update menu color and icons

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      Sounds awesome!
      Thanks for delivering and continuously improving such a cool tool!

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      Available for BETA testers now:
      – singleInstance for the application to prevent multiple instances
      – fixed deeplinks
      – set logout for 5 minutes
      – use main net as default

      Let me know if you want access to it and help test it. 😉

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      I would happily test!
      How do I get it? 🙂

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      Cool! DM me the email address you use for PlayStore and then I’ll sign you up as a SIGBRO app beta tester!

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      We decided was ready for production. It’s the latest version and available for everyone in Google Play now.

      Feedback is very welcome.

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      Wonderful! I hope I get the update soon so I can test.

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