Spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti with clams)

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      As the crypto market keeps calm, we can get cooking again.
      So grab your pans and let’s create this super easy recipe, spaghetti with clams.
      Be aware that you should start working on this recipe at least one hour before you start the action in the kitchen because of the first step in the process below.

      Ingredients (for 2 hungry persons)

      300g of spaghetti
      1kg of clams ( best with the small ones “vongole lupini”, otherwise also the bigger ones do the job)
      olive oil
      flat parsley
      half glass on white wine (optional)


      The first step in this process is to recreate the ocean in your kitchen. 🙂
      To do that, fill up a big bowl with cold water and add salt until the water tastes like when you swim and swallow! It has to be salty like the sea.
      Dump your clams in this water and leave them there for some hours. At least 1 hour.
      In that time they will come back to life, if they are fresh, and that means that they will open and stick out their tongue and sometimes spit. What that’s useful for is to get rid of the sand they hold inside when they are closed. By giving them time in your “kitchen ocean” most of the same will end up on the bottom of your bowl.

      Rinse your happy clams in a colander under cold running water

      Let them drain in the colander.

      In a big pan pour some olive oil. In Puglia, where I come from, a “drop of oil” (un goccio d’olio) means a lot of oil. So don’t be greedy with the oil.

      And crush the garlic (if you don’t have an important meeting the day after be generous with that)

      Let the garlic cook at high temperature until it gets “golden”.
      Then add the drained clams

      Cover the pan and let it cook until all the clams open. If you have a glass cover, like the one in the picture, you can see that happen. If you want you can add half glass of white wine to the clams.

      In the meantime enjoy some wine and learn about Ignis and the power of blockchain on

      Don’t overcook the clams. Once you see that they are all open, or at least most of them, you can stop the fire. Don’t throw away the liquid, just leave the pan aside.

      In the meantime start boiling the water for the spaghetti

      Once it starts boiling, add some salt. That’s more or less a tablespoon a salt, depends on the taste.
      Then add the spaghetti and let cook for 90% of the cooking time indicated on the box.

      While the water boils, collect the clams in a dish separating it from the liquid

      Filter the liquid with a sieve if you want to keep the garlics out or if there’s sand. In the case of sand you need a very thin net sieve.

      Now you can remove the shells from some clams otherwise your dish will have more shells than the rest. I usually “un-shell” at least half of the whole amount. Keep the “content” of the shells you cleaned together with the others that you keep as shells

      When the spaghetti reach 90% of their cooking time, you will taste that they are “al dente”. At that point drain the water with a colander. Save a couple of tablespoons of pasta water and add them to the clams liquid

      Now in a large pan, add the clams liquid, add another little bit of olive oil

      Turn the fire on at a medium-high temperature and add the spaghetti

      Cook and mix for a couple of minutes until the pasta reaches the right cooking point (we boiled the spaghetti a bit shorter before so they could finish cooking in this step). Then add the clams (and un-shelled clams) to the pan

      quickly mix all parts and add some chopped parsley

      mix again

      and you fantastic “spaghetti alle vongole” are ready!

      Buon appetito!

      More pictures available here:

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      veeery yummy! Thanks for the recipe.

      But where do you get fresh vongole in Switzerland?

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        You can find them usually at the “Globus” or at the “der Frisch-Fisch” in Zurich.
        Not sure about other the other cities. 🙂

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