Aubergine Parmigiana – TheWireMaster style

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    Where I come from, food is one of the most important things in life. So when crypto is having a break let’s grab the pans and let’s get cooking! ๐Ÿ™‚
    It is unclear if the parmigiana comes from Parma or some other place in Italy, but I can tell you my version.


    2 Aubergine
    Olive Oil
    Peanut Oil
    3 eggs
    1 pizza mozzarella
    1 scamorza affumicata
    tinned tomatoes
    half onion


    Get ready for a couple of ours in the kitchen and a dishwasher full of pots and dishes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Start with the Aubergines. Cut them in slices, half a cm thick.

    Lay them on a dish with some salt in between the slices so they release the bitter taste.

    After 30 minutes wash the salt away from the aubergine slices and dry carefully

    Put the aubergine slices aside and start with the tomato sauce.
    In a pan put enough olive oil and warm it up.

    Chop half onion and fry in the olive oil until golden

    with a vegetable mill make the tinned tomatoes liquid

    pour the sauce in the pan with the oil and onion, add salt and pepper and let cook for about 20 minutes at low temperature.
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    Now start working on frying the aubergine.
    First cover them in flour, then in the mixed egg and then fry in the peanut oil until golden

    Lay the fried slices separating the layers with kitchen paper to absorb the oil.

    Chop the mozzarella and scamorza in tiny pieces and mix them together

    Now get the roasting pan, spread some sauce on the bottom

    Create rolls with the fried aubergine slices with some mozzarella mix in the middle and lay them in the pan

    Once the pan is full, cover with the tomato sauce and put the leftover mozzarella mix on top. Also add some grated parmigiano

    Cook in the oven for 30 minutes at 200 degrees celsius.


    More pictures are available here:

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    cool! will try that for sure! thats new for me.

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