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    Keep update of Tarasca DAO news.

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    A post about how to tokenize artworks in Ardor. Enjoy it!

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    As always very helpful and valuable, thank you very much for this!

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    I also was thinking about the Singleton asset when I wrote this:

    Buy and sell a property on blockchain

    In that case it was referred to ownership of real estate, but the concept is the same.
    I was then thinking that maybe, using an asset with an amount of units, let’s say 1000, would also be good. 1000 represents the whole property. In the case of real estate it could happen that the property of a person has to be then split amongst more than one in the future, and in that way you can do that when you have a 1000 (in this example) units that represent the totality of the property. If 2 partners buy the property you can share it giving 500 each.
    Maybe the same could apply for the collection cards because maybe one day they will be worth a lot and the ownership has to be split amongst more people!
    Just a thought… 😉

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    That’s a very good idea. It brings a lot of complexity, especially in terms of legality, but there are many potentially massive use cases.
    There is a platform that is preparing a development of that idea, precisely. It’s called Maecenas, here’s the FAQ.
    Actually more than a service for artists it is a service for art investors, but it is very interesting.

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    We launch web page! We hope you like it!
    Feedback would be welcome.

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