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    Dear Tarasca Team @malnemark @tarascadao

    Have you thought about printing the cards in the same format as Magic The Gathering?

    I always experience the following issue when playing the trading cards like MTG: you either own and play with your physical cards or your digital cards. But they are never the same. No player trading card game has ever combined the physical and the digital world. And I am sick of paying for digital cards when I could have the physical card. But currently I have to pay for both.

    The Solution:
    What if each physical Tarasca card has a unique serial/asset number printed on the card (or RFID chip) which is on the blockchain. You could then verify that you really own the card and also play digitally with it. If you trade the card physically, you also trade the asset on the Blockchain after the trade.

    Maybe we could propose such a solution for Wizards of the Coast (company behind MTG)?
    MTG Arena is currently THE upcoming player trading game since their beta launch.

    What do you think?

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    That would actually be very cool!
    I’m just wondering about the logistics.
    Would it mean that if you have the physical card you need to have also the asset.
    If you have the physical card but not the asset they you would not be the legitimate owner?

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    Yes somehow like that.

    And if you first get your physical card, you can activate it online to receive the asset on the blockchain. Only from then on the card is digitally tradeable.

    Or maybe you could separate the physical and digital world 1:1 but only allow digital cards that physically exist resp. have been activated on the blockchain. Like this, only cards that really exist are digitally playable. The value of the physical and digital card would be more pegged than otherwise where you have thousands of more digital cards than physical cards.

    These are just some spontaneous ideas since I have not thought that to the end 🙂

    But in an ideal world, I would be very glad to have such a solution!

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      I really like the idea. If that could be achievable then also physical cryptocurrencies could be possible.

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