Paintings still trading?

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      Since the auction is closed now, have all paintings been sold? Can I still place an order at the asset exchange? I love the Kel Essuf… 🙂

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      @tarascadao this is for you!

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      Tarasca DAO

      Hi! The auctions are over, and all paintings sold. So, we do not have the physical works in our hand anymore (they are on the way right now). But the artworks are tokenized and will be alive forever in the blockchain. You can place an order in the asset exchange, but you shouldn’t to it unless the actual owner of the painting says he wants to sell. Otherwise, he eventually could take your bid (transfering this way the token), but not send you the real painting.
      I do not think the new owners want to sell right now, but you can anytime search the current owner of the token and send him a message.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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