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    I am very glad to see that all the paintings were sold today, since there was not a lot of marketing around it.

    Do you have other auctions planned?

    Do you have plans of using this successfull auctions for media articles? Since this is kinda historical 🙂

    Personal questions: where exactly in Galicia are you located?

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     Tarasca DAO 

    We are very happy too. Although we have given a lot of publicity in Galiza, and we have prepared a tutorial to facilitate the participation of non-crypto people, the fact of making the auctions directly in the NRS client made it inevitable that the bidders were only previous users of Ardor. In the future we would like to develop a web or app to facilitate the participation of normal users.
    However, we do not have other auctions planned. Maybe we will auction other paintings from the collection in the future, but it’s not on our agenda right now. We are focused on the collection of cards in itself, with the following phases: Open Test, card creation, and game launch. Hopefully before two or three months we have completed these phases.
    And yes, we are preparing a couple of articles about the auctions. One more generalist, and another one more technical with ideas to improve mechanics.
    The Tarasca team is international (European, actually) and only two people are from Galiza. Ana, the painter, lives in Sober, a small town in the interior of Galiza.

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    Painting arrived:)

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