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      Tarasca DAO

      Topic to report feedback about the web wallet and the card collection in the Test phase.

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      first of all: Nice Idea and for a betatest pretty cool. I have tryed some features and made a short Feedback-list. Will test more on the Weekend.

      – Its hard to get an overview on the “check progress”-page. Maybe its better to group the cards and list in an specific order.
      – The amount of already existing cards is not shown on the “check progess”-page
      – A redirect to the dashboard (automated or per link on the page) after buying a pack of cards would lead to a more smooth experience imo
      – Wallet should be Named Dashboard ๐Ÿ™‚ (or an additional dashboard-page with general infos and a quick overview)
      – What is the countdown for? A short description or fitting heading would be helpful
      – It would be better when the countdown is in top or bottom of the page. Right now its on the left of the long Cards-List. That looks weired. Maybe its just my browser (firefox).
      – There needs to be a way to change the order of the cards on the wallet-page to get a better overview. Switch the order per drag&drop would be nice.
      – any type of feedback, when the cards are in the wallet after buying a pack would be nice (same with buying and selling cards)
      – a journal of bought and sold cards incl. prices would be nice too

      Keep up the good work!

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      Sub Zero

      Maybe the wallet can be renamed to something like ‘My Collection’ or ‘My Cards’? Wallet seems to suggest the amount of credits, but here it is about the cards the user has collected?

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      Sub Zero

      On it might be a good idea to put a link to an explanation about the testing that is going on and also a link with clear explanation of how to acquire some some testnet coins (testnet Ignis) to use for the testing of the cardgame?

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      more small UI things:
      – list of cards which I got with a new pack
      – an easy way to get back to the last page without having to use the menu (f.e. when you klick on cards in exchange or wallet)
      – a visual highlight for the cards that are offered or asked on the exchange and are already in my wallet (maybe with number)
      – an info in the card-tab (when I klick on a card in wallet) how many of the amount are locked in an order already and a way to get right to the order to adjust or cancel it

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      Just Started but so far:
      -Wallet looks very nice
      -Maybe the PIN should have a type password instead of text?
      -No verification that the account passphrase was recorded correctly?
      -After buying a pack I see “Transaction Sent” and that’s it. No redirect anywhere else or button/information where would be best to go next

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      @malnemark @palheiro

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      When I try to buy a card it says that I don’t have funds but I should have enough funds…

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      Sub Zero

      – Explain on the login-page for testing that the testnet is used! (also near the Pass Phrase box!)
      – Mask the Pass Phrase (using **** and show it only when this is chosen by the user).
      – The shorter pin should always be masked using ****
      – On
      the text reads ‘Send 1 card each of the whole collection to claim the Jackpot’. This text could be something like ‘Submit the complete collection to claim the Jackpot’.
      – Do you lose the cards you have bought when claiming the jackpot? Or do you keep them? I guess you do not lose them? If so, please explain this.
      – On:
      ‘For now, maybe use the faucet over there at’ Might be changed to ‘For current testing purposes you can use the faucet at – (although this website says so, filling out your e-mail is not needed)
      – Edge browser logs me out directly after login in using my PIN and redirects me back to se the ‘Select User’/’PIN’ ? Maybe my browser settings are wrong?
      – Explain in FAQ that you should enable scripts from in your browser.
      – Maybe it’s an idea to display the number of each card you have more than one of? (maybe in the bottom left corner of a card).
      -Add a nice clickable logo to the center of the top that directs to the wallet? Now I have to move the mouse to the upperleftcorner, open the menu and click Wallet after every action. This gets annoying. Add clickable texts ‘Back to Collection’ on lots of pages?
      – Is it possible to see my transaction history somewhere?
      – Add an option, ‘show missing cards only’?
      – In the ‘Your Progress’ bar, add hyperlinks to the cards that are missing and or the place to buy them?
      – On the exchange page at . Maybe add an icon to the lines with cards that are already owned by the user? And maybe also the number of cards he/she owns?
      -The Jackpot-text should read ‘Claim the prize’, not ‘Claim the price’. But ‘Claim the Jackpot’ would be even better.
      – In the overview of missing cards under ‘Your Progress’ ‘Amount 0 (0)’ can be deleted.
      -How can I easily see on which cards I have already put a buy order? (for which amount?)
      -In the ‘Bid’ box, the standard text says ‘Enter price’ (which is clearly wrong), this should be something like ‘Amount of cards’
      – What happens if someone buys your card? Do you get a message? Is there a transaction log so you can see what happened? Who bought your card? Would be great if you know who you bought from or sold to! (or set this as optional?)
      – Are there user profiles? So you can see who bought your card? People might want to add their social media accounts so people can discuss trades on twitter and facebook?
      – The amount in Ignis has a dollar sign? Confusing? Or will the mainnet version calculate in USD?
      – Why is the Ardor-account of the Game mentioned at ? This confused me at first because I thought it was supposed to refer to my test account…
      – The ‘Show All’ switch might be changed to ‘Show All Cards’.
      – Will it be possible to use Ardor aliases to trade and send or receive cards to other people?
      – Why is there a maximum amount of three packs you can buy at once? Will there be a maximum amount in the actual game as well?
      – Does a pack always contain 3 cards? This is not explained anywhere?
      – How can you see which cards where in which pack?
      – After buying cards, you only get to read “Transation sent”. This could use some more explanation. Something like: ‘You just bought a Pack of cards. Each pack contains X cards that are selected randomly. They are added to your Collection.
      Click here to go to your Collection’.
      – When you go to the exchange with a card selected that you do not have and press the ‘Ask’ button, it says ‘Insufficient balance to create an ask order.’. This could be changed to ‘You don’t have this card yet!’.
      – When do you get ‘GIFTZ’? The buying with ‘GIFZ’ suddenly appears after buying a lot of packs? Buying with GIFTZ doesn’t seem to add cards yet? (I’m not sure)
      – Opening a link in a new browsertab logs me out in that tab? Would be convenient if I could continue in the other tab as well.
      – Would be nice if in your collection you could see not only the number of cards of a given card you own, but also the number of cards owned that you have already put on sale in the card-exchange.
      – It took my a long time to notice that there is a ‘Your orders’ part on the exchange page. There could be a hyperlink directing to that part from the top of the Exchange page. Also, ‘Your orders’ could be added to the wallet/settings page’.
      – The wallet/settings page could be expanded to be more of a profile page with more stats and info about a user. It could me made public by users that choose to do so, so they can share their specific profile page with others (using social media/e-mail/blogpages).

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      First of all: I never played a collecting game and I love it! Got hooked!

      So here are some things I found confusing:

      – When I am in the wallet and want to sell a card I click on the card. Then it tells me “offer this card”. I click on it, because I want to offer this card to someone. But then I land on the “bid” window where I can buy a card. Perhaps I’m the only one but this was very confusing.

      – Then I have the feeling that the numbers in brackets are not consistently used in the same way. Eg in the exchange and the wallet. I found it difficult to understand how many of which cards I have, which are already offered and are in current order etc.

      – I’d love to have some filtering options in the wallet so that I can see faster which cards are there more then once.

      – I’d love to have some notifications so that I can see (after I was offline) which cards I sold or bought.

      – I’d like to sort the cards in the wallet in the way I want to.

      That’s it for now!

      I’m really looking forward to all the beautiful cards one the game is launched!

      Good work!

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      Tarasca DAO

      Hi, betatesters!
      First of all, thank you for your feedback. It is all good and useful, and a nice amount of work to @malnemark.
      We want you to know that we cannot answer or comment every idea you write, but be sure we are reading them and will work to use them to improve the web.
      Keep up the hard work, please, and we’ll have a very good product by the end of the Public Test!

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      This is my feedback,

      1) Rename the ‘Wallet’ to “My Correction” or “My Card”

      2) Rename the ‘Show All’ to ‘Show All Cards’

      3) Rename the ‘ASK’ and ‘BID’ to ‘SELL’ and ‘BUY’

      4) Some Marks(ex) *) should be added beside my order list on each card page.

      5) Cancel Menu should be added beside my order list on each card page.

      6) I couldn’t know what cards I get when I bought the package. So, show the list of cards when user buy a card package.

      7) My balance should be decreased when I request some Bid so that I can know that I can buy more card package or not.

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      Mal Nemark

      Wow, thank you for all the feedback so far!

      It is the first time we’ve let people actually use the wallet and it is great you provide detailed opinions that will help us to further develop. A few of your comments will be easy to implement and others I’ve already thought we would need but we haven’t had the time to finish before the test (notifications!).

      Over the coming week we want to switch on bundlers for our voucher currency GIFTZ that is nowhere explained ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I hope we can switch on bundling for the cards, too – and I hope we can see a few Jackpots being won by more than one player. For this I am going to set the jackpot frequency to multiple days tomorrow.

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      Mal Nemark

      I’ve got one myself: the Send Card page doesnt refresh when you have sent the card. The card stays showing the wrong amount.

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      Sub Zero

      Would you guys like more testers? I think you could use some more people to do some testing.
      Maybe it’s an idea to write a good explanation on how to test? That’s easy to understand for people that have no experience with using the Ardor Platform yet?
      I was thinking it should contain:
      – Where and how to activate a Ardor-testnet account
      – Where and how to acquite testnet-Ignis
      – Where to go to login to the testgame (
      – How to login (explain what different login fields are for)
      – How to buy cards
      – How to exchange cards (using the ingame exchange)

      Maybe we can crowdsource a short testing manual (with screenshots?) and someone could post it in and ? More people will read it there than on Twitter or Tarasca could link to it from Twitter and Facebook and Slack and so on and people can retweet it. By doing so you will have dozens of extra testers in a few days! (and a better explanation/manual for the testing environment).

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      Tarasca DAO

      Hi, @subzero! แบ‚e want so many testers as we can get, but it is not really needed. We are having a good amount of them, and more good feedback than we can manage right now. So, we are happy like this.
      On the other hand, we did write a post about the Test Rules, and the wallet is the quite user-friendly. Testers do not need to download the NRS, create account there, etc. The login page of the wallet does it in a quite “usual” way, as many other webs.
      We of course appreciate suggestions to make more intuitive and user-friendly the “buy packs” and “Exchange” sections of the web.
      Thanks for your feedback!

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      Mal Nemark

      All, I’ve now uploaded another version of the backbutton that is online since a few days. It is similar to before but it now excludes all functions that are accessible from the top bar (send coins, buy cards , settings, etc).

      Please let me know what you think! Your feedback is much appreciated

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      As I see there is already a lot of feedback, some of which I would also have added ๐Ÿ™‚

      One thing that would have helped me trading/exchanging cards would have been:

      –> on the exchange site, sort cards by price (ask/bid) just by clicking on Ask/Bid.

      This is easy to implement but is just a detail and nice to have.


      P.S.: For a beta, this is already pretty complete ๐Ÿ™‚

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