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    I read the tweet today.

    I have to admit that I never traded any card or collected cards.

    Can you tell me what’s the purpose of that? Do I play with the cards? Or do I try to get them all? How does this work?



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    One of the most famous trading cards game is probably Magic the Gathering. It’s more than 25 years on the market with few hundresd new cards beeing created every year. There are different categories of cards regarding the value, abilities, type etc. and you can combine the cards to decks and play with them against others.

    If a card is very good, its more valuable. If the cards plays well in combination with another card, both are more valuable. And of cours, you can trade cards with others.

    Its difficult to explain  this to someone never played it but I just love the combination of gaming with others, thinking out strategies, trying out new combinations and in the and trading and collecting cards.

    Short summary of MTG:

    Lets see what TarascaDAO is contributing to this genre 🙂

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    Cool! I just watched the video ans some more… Really interesting! Seems like a whole universe you can get lost in 😀

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     Tarasca DAO 

    The purpose of collecting is always difficult to explain to people who do not share that hobby. In our case, the reasons for collecting the cards are varied:
    – They are works of art, drawn by hand, by a professional artist who has tried to capture with respect and affection the mythological creatures.
    – They are scarce (there is a finite number of copies).
    – They are educational. Each creature is explained with a text that details its history, and another that explains the culture that gives rise to it (history, traditions, way of life, etc.).
    -There is a prize for gathering the entire collection. A percentage of the income is saved in a jackpot that is distributed among collectors who get all the cards.
    -In addition, we are working on creating games that use these cards. It’s going to take more time, but we’re working on it now. The idea is to create games of various types (arcade, card games, etc.) where players will use these cards.

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    Does it make sense to own more than one of each card or is one piece enough?

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      question for @tarascadao 🙂

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       Tarasca DAO 

      In general there will be no benefit in having more than one card of each creature. What we expect is that the repeated cards of each user are exchanged in the Asset Exchange, so that, with the collaboration among users, the collection can be completed by buying a smaller number of envelopes.

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