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      Blockchain is getting more and more serious… But we all know that deep inside we still have that “dogecoin” spirit flowing in our veins!
      So let’s pull out our best “artistic” skills and let’s see who creates the best meme!
      The rules
      – Competition starts immediately till April 1st 2019 at 12:00 CET (3rd birthday!!!)
      – Memes participating to the competition have to be posted after the date of this post, so previous Memes already present in the Memes group are not part of the competition
      – Each user can post as many memes as he/she likes but 1 user can only get 1 prize
      – Memes have to be original and not copied from somewhere/someone else
      – The moderators could delete memes that don’t fit the fun spirit of this competition
      – Memes have to be posted in the “Activity wall” of the Meme Group which is the landing page of the Memes group, so join the group if not a member yet. If you have nothing to say, add a space in the text field as something needs to be there.
      – Memes have to be blockchain/cryptocurrencies related
      – This is a competition that welcomes all crypto communities.
      The Prizes
      The winners will be determined by the amount of likes the memes will have collected at the competition closing time.

      1st place: 250 $IGNIS + 1000 $ROCKS
      2nd place: 150 $IGNIS + 800 $ROCKS
      3rd place: 100 $IGNIS + 500 $ROCKS

      If more winning memes have same amount of likes, then prizes will be distributed fairly. Eg. 2 memes are the most successful with the same amount of likes, then the 2 top prizes will be summed up and divided by 2, so 200 $IGNIS + 900 $ROCKS each
      If the same user has more than 1 meme in the top 3 positions, then only the highest will be considered and the other/s will be eliminated from the top 3. This is to give the 3 prizes to 3 different participants.
      Prizes will be credited to the Ardor account in the user profile on this website, so add your account if not there yet.

      In case of questions just reply to this forum topic.

      So let’s get our extraordinary artistic skills ready!!!
      PS: I will also participate… don’t think that I can keep my meme talent aside! 😀
      PS2: Sometimes it happened that the pictures were not properly attached or not showing. In that case you can use imgur or flickr and embed the link in the “Memes!” group.

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      This can be useful
      Nice competition @thewiremaster!

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      Ranking is updated on a regular basis:

      Meme competition ranking!

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