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     Andreas Berenz 

    Maybe it’s a dumb question, but what is the Usecase and more important: Why is a blockchain solution for the management of property better than others? Why should accounts and Data not stored on servers? And I’m undestanding it right that the MPG tokens are an equivalent to an house or smth. MPG invested in?

    I’m trying to undestand the advantages of blockchain solutions. In advance: Thank you for your help!

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    From Anton slack:
    “One important thing: Transparancy, since everything will be stored on the blockchain, and not on servers.”

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    Another advantage is costs.
    Using a platform like Ardor allows to invest also 1 euro in a real estate asset.

    Here are some good Q&A, maybe they also can help clarify:

    Dominium AMA on 9th August 12pm GMT from icocrypto

    Also imagine what you can do with a platform like Ardor… I’ve described a possible real estate scenario here:

    Buy and sell a property on blockchain

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    Here’s the answer from Erwin (MPG):
    “The reason we are using a blockchain is because of the lack of trust in the property world. When one buys a property, one needs to rely on the information given by owners, estate agents, developers and experience has taught us that none can be trusted. When we have the land registry on the blockchain (many governments are working on this already) and we add the historical data of the property on the blockchain, it is much easier to put a valuation on a property and this goes for reminders for maintenance too.

    Can this all be done in a database? Yes, but one would have to trust the estate agent providing the information. By using a decentralised platform and phased transactions, we eliminate a high percentage of these trust issues.”

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