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Do you think that indirect marketing can be useful?

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    Now that blockchain technology is getting mature, maybe a good way to advertise it is to show working products that use the technology instead of showing the technology itself.

    Coming soon is the MPG childchain, the launch of Triffic and EZY on Ardor.

    Maybe the community should make more of an effort to promote those products because that indirectly promotes Ardor. Also avoiding the direct marketing of Ardor avoids the crypto bitching to each other because “Indirect marketing” might target different audience than the usual “direct” one.

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    First of all, thanks for trying out the poll feature! 👍
    Regarding the indirect marketing you mention, I’m sure that it would help. But I think that it has to be done together also with the direct promotion of the Ardor platform.
    But definitely together that could reach a wider audience.

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    I hope everybody puts some effort in promoting MPG when the childchian goes live!

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    Because they changed again the way the platform will work, by creating new addresses for registered users instead of users chosen wallets, then I would wait before saying that all is fantastic… let’s see how this new solution goes.

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    This website can also be seen as “Indirect Marketing”.
    When I want to promote Ardor Rocks as an alternative to Facebook or other social networks I’m actually targeting a different audience than the crypto one.
    Same when I promote wordpress and buddypress which are the basic components of this website, that’s again another audience.

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