Ardor Adoption Towards Nextgen 3D Engines

Which 3D Game Engine is better?

Decide it technical and adoption perspective, which future SDK(plugin) may be developed as a link to Ardor platform.

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  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Unity 3D
  • Amazon Limberyard
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      Nextgen 3D Game Engines

      Hi, folks!

      I am a game developer(technical artist) and creator of

      After 4 years of personal adoption to a blockchain technology, I had finally settled on Ardor platform and decided to plan a development on top of it. I had sifted all other platforms, but found some competitive advantages over Ardor in terms of marketing and adoption.

      It is fairly to assume, that gaming industry can provide massive network effect, so game developers must being attracted to the platform as soon as possible. These days, when magnates like Amazon and Facebook enters the blockchain and gaming market, our platform should meet developers with a ready solution.

      Today blockchain game developers chose Enjin and Loom generally because of available SDK(Software Development Kit) for various game engines, which facilitate the integration of tokens directly from their working environment. If you play games, you may know something about Unity3D game engine that fluid the market as it’s marketing was excellent compared to Unreal Engine 4, which is fairly more advanced and far more adoptable. And now attention, there are still no SDK for Unreal Engine on any blockchain platform!

      Few words about EOS. Conceived, game developers had chosen this platform to gain some promotion in feedback. It had a step by step tutorial on how to create a card game, but there are no future for mass adoption with such great expanses for an end user who wants just to play a game for free.

      And so, Amazon. Few years ago company bought a superior but complex Cryengine and rebranded it to Lumberyard. Their main selling point is to provide developers with complete client-server solution based on AWS(Amazon Web Service), which drastically reduce multiplayer games development and maintenance costs. But the engine is hard to learn and it’s features too outdated and require big team to implement things UE4 already have.

      My many year research pushes for the only optimal solution when choosing a game engine, this is UE4.
      A huge amount of documentation, all kinds of cutting-edge technologies, the ability to create even a game AI without writing a line of code, makes this engine a top-notch solution for both small and ambitious projects. Perhaps his only drawback is the somewhat larger size of the final game compared to Unity, when it comes to the 2D platform.

      In conclusion, I want to raise the question of the earliest possible consideration of the cooperation of the Ardor and UE4 team for the creation of SDK, which will allow the first to occupy a niche in this segment. I am sure that Ardor’s architecture will help to quickly adapt to the game engine, and such elegant interaction will attract the best developers in both industries.

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      Hi Prosepctor! It’s great to read more details about your project. I have dabbled with Unity3D and am currently trying to find time to create a few virtual reality tours of the Ardor, Nxt and Ignis blockchains. I hope to eventually hold some online AMAs or demonstrations within VR room created in Unity3D 🙂

      Alas, there is much to keep me busy about 30 hours a day in this wonderful, emerging tech! I will watch your project closely.

      ( I also know of test cases that have very easily connected Unity with Nxt and Ignis – very doable. Unfortunately the dev on those cases can only spend a little time at it until some other projects are finished. I will continue to urge him to reveal his work and join the conversations here.)

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        I want to propose my help with creating Unity VR scene for Ardor, this is exactly my profile of job. Also it would be great experience for me to start VR&BC project before my personal.

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