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      Just dropping this here because Slack may forget about us before we get time to continue the brainstorm.
      And because I believe in this. Light version or full version, let’s see 🙂


      If anyone is on GitHub and can add some quality / security / creativity to the plugin, please let me know so I add you as collaborators… if that’s the right way to do that… 🙂 Sorry… rookie GitHub user here writing

      BuddyPress has more than 200000 active installation and myCred has more than 20000 active installations and all of these are waiting for our plugin to be installed. 😉

      My wish is this plugin to be a community plugin, not “my” plugin… also you can see that it doesn’t need a genius to write those 100 lines of code. So basically it’s like starting from scratch. 🙂


      Nxter made some different WordPress plugins for NXT in the past, explorer and charts showing assets, accounts, etc, and SIGBRO has the Ardor auth plugin and the woo-commerce plugin. And now the Ardor Rewards-plugin! How about we set up a 1-page website on or or something (both domains are free BTW, also .com) and push the idea of having WordPress as an engine for the Peoples’ decentralized crypto revolution? We could maybe attract some coverage from non-crypto media and maybe attract a few wp plugin devs too?


      that sounds awesome! Or we need to see if there’s some other channel where we can convey this message. A reddit new subreddit? I’m just thinking if a website is the best option or only option…


      I was just thinking of it like a landing page, a presentation of the idea and the different plugins with links to download and maybe discussion on or it could be on Reddit. Lots of (paid and unpaid) bloggers write about WordPress and plugins+themes, maybe they could be interested. I’m sure they won’t take anywhere near the same price for an SEO-optimized article about Ignis and Ardor as the “crypto media” :money_mouth_face: but they have LOTS of followers worldwide because wordpress actually IS more used than cryptocurrencies. :joy:
      Link juice to the project itself and to jelurida sites as well.


      Ooops, I just bought and I’ll donate it to the project.


      yeah!!!! :metal:
      and yes, wordpress is huge…
      back to work but I’ll be back on the topic asap!

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      This is really a good initiative!
      Imagine we have like a catalogue of plugins that are easy to browse through and that can showcase how much can be done by combining the easy of use of Ardor and the flexibility of wordpress.

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