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    What if Jelurida or ANG establish a consortium across companies and entities from difference industries so that Ardor and NXT get more visibility and become the preferred choice for future projects coming from these industries? Real Estate could be one industry and can be represented by MaxPropertyGroup, maybe there can be representatives from the finance industry of the public sector or others.
    @thecryptowoman @thewiremaster @shugo what do you think?

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    I think it’s a very good idea. Question is how to initiate such a process.
    I remember that when Travin was involved in the NXT Foundation, the foundation was a member of hyperledger:
    In fact I still see it there.
    I’m wondering @thecryptowoman if the logo could be changed to the ANG one?
    And could we get involved more actively there? Not sure what kind of involvement is possible as an Associate member.

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    About Hyperledger – did you see my answer in Slack? The requirements for Hyperledger changed and so did our offerings. We no longer qualify to be a member. This was determined almost a year ago and I’m surprised the logo is still there.

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      Yes, saw the answer!
      Forgot to update @rufus and this topic with the update.
      As said in slack, I think it’s a good thing that the logo is still there. 🙂

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