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    Hey @thewiremaster,
    why don’t you register the page at
    It’s pretty easy and might be a (small) revenue stream. I use the Brave browser and pay with BAT for the content I read. And it’s not an ardor competitor 😉

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    I’ll have a look.
    I use brave sometimes and I really like the BAT idea, but I think that mixing up the reward systems would complicate things.
    I think that the direction for Ardor Rocks is to use only the like button reward, as you mentioned. But that is something we can do when and if there will be enough action in here.

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    BAT wouldn’t replace the reward system! It’s just for you as the creator of the page. Users with the Brave browser who pay a monthly amount in BAT to creators (e.g. me) would pay you. For all other users it wouldn’t be relevant.

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