A real global cryptocurrency?

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      Cryptocurrencies, a word that sounds to some like freedom from the old and corrupted financial system, to others get rich in a day, to others a useless part of the great blockchain tech.
      But nobody speaks anymore about the initial dream of Bitcoin that, to my understanding, was meant to disrupt the financial system after the 2008 crisis, but that has slowly become a beautiful idea to sell in return of sounding cash.
      The question was “how do you give value to bitcoin” the answer was “adoption”, the hidden message behind that is “buy more so I make more dollars”…
      And still today there are evangelists of Bitcoin that go around saying that it can be used by anyone around the globe, which is technically true, but at what cost and for the benefit of who?
      So basically the financial disruption dream has become a selling point for cryptocurrencies using the poor, sometimes, as marketing material.
      And it’s ok to speculate on cryptocurrencies just like it happens with any other product available on the market but let’s not brand it as the miracle to save the world, because as it works today, it’s not. Please notice that I’m talking about cryptocurrencies and not blockchain technology that I really believe will change many aspects of this world for the better.
      So how can we really take that initial idea and bring it to the poor (and not) in a fair way?

      I think there are 2 simple rules:

      Rule one: fiat money has to be out of the equation.
      Rule two: we need to find a way to identify uniquely each person on this planet so that each can take its own share of coins. And that’s because we are all the same and we deserve the same share of the cake, no matter where we are or who we are.

      These are 2 extremely difficult things to achieve, because most of the people on this world don’t really care that much about saving the world but mostly care about themselves, and because it requires a lot of resources to make this happen and who would do that without a financial sustainable return?

      But dreams are gratis… so let’s dream. 🙂
      Particularly on Rule two, so my question is:

      is there a way on this planet to identify a person uniquely? The eye iris, fingerprints, anything else?

      That would be a nice starting point. Without that it might remain only a dream!

      So let your fantasies run wild and let’s see if there is a way to do that!

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      And imagine if a company like Jelurida would make this happen, if would help the world to be a better place and would make a great marketing campaign for Ardor & Co… because at the end, we all have to pay our bills and that happens today with fiat so better that money goes to who deserves it -> @riker @almonte @watchtower 😀

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      nice dream and good idea. i like people who think biiig:). (but) even if it would be possible, not everyone wants to be identified:).

      I think Iris scan would be the cheapest method. DNA to expensive.

      can you explain me what would be the real benefit of this? longterm?

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        Well… Sometimes I do have strange ideas! Eheheh
        The dream of giving a bank to the un-banked without having to force them to buy crypto with fiat or forcing them to a too little spread custom crypto?
        Wouldn’t something like this trigger a parallel economy that would let people offer services, products, etc for that global currency because it’s so widely spread?
        To be clear… I’m not an economist… So might be a completely wrong way of thinking! 😉

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