Is a forum a way forward?

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      Slack is currently the most active place where Ardor and NXT enthusiasts gather.
      But Slack is an isolated place and all information is not visible on the outside.
      Telegram is also active but suffers from the same problem. It’s a closed space.
      Some suggest to move to more popular platforms like reddit with lots of subscribers and therefore more exposure to new users. A positive thing is that reddit content is searchable in google. A downside it that it doesn’t feel like an “own” space.
      Some like forums and and are still around but not many use it. Downside is that they are not so attractive and not so user friendly especially on mobile.
      And then there is ardor rocks.
      What is your opinion? What is the best place to create community content and why?

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      Martin R

      I think, the focus should be on required function, not the tool.
      What I personally like are structured conversations. Therefore for me the worst is some single chat (like Telegram) where multiple conversations overlap each other, so to me that appears rather messy. If you can structure those conversations into different channels, like in Slack, it’s already some improvement. If then users use the function to start a thread, it can be fairly structured and allows for discussions with substance. That would be my opion regarding discussions.
      As far as reach to users and potential users I don’t see that moving to one particular solution will help. I would rather pragmatically try to simply use/offer everything and see, what turns out to be most effective.

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      Yes, I agree. The more the better and then users will choose where to go.
      The thing with slack is that it cannot hold too much history and sometimes it’s also nice to go check back in time to old conversations or historical moments. A bit what we do today with the origins of NXT and the first projects. We can still find all that on the nxtforum. With slack history is erased.
      I’ll do my best to make ardor rocks a good alternative. 🙂

Viewing 2 reply threads
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