How to maintain consistency in trading

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      Vicky Macklean

      The naïve traders believe that Forex success is solely in the trading system and the strategy but it is not. If you want to succeed in trading like the Singaporean traders you should make sure to focus on some other factors as well. The real Forex success is based on your mindset and the trading psychology. How do you react to the losses? How do you trade the market? Likewise, the trading mindset should be balanced if you want to become a successful trader. The automatic trading system will not help you to understand the trading psychology. Most of the naïve trader’s trade using the software and they assume trading is easy but it is not. If you focus on the traders who lose money in trading they are the ones who rely on the software. If a trader relies on the software rather than relying on the trading mindset he or she will not be able to trade successfully. Usually, the naïve traders enter into markets with unrealistic goals so they become disappointed. So, all these factors are related to your mindset in trading. You should make sure to build a positive mindset if you need consistency in success.

      To be honest, if you want to lead your life based on currency trading then you must learn how to make a consistent profit. Most retail traders get carried away just by seeing few months’ profitable trade but this is absolutely wrong. If you look at the professional traders then you will be surprised to see that they are trading this market without any emotion. You need to have complete control over your emotion or else it will be really hard for you to make a good trading decision. But when you trade the market make sure that you trade the higher time frame data since it is one of the easiest ways to avoid the losing trades. Never take too much risk in any trade since trading is all about probability.

      Discipline is the important aspect of Forex as it is a must in trading, as long as you are disciplined you can go ahead, when it comes to trading you will have to face defeats as equally as victories, in order to handle the failures you should be disciplined and strong to hold on with the failures. If you’re emotional when you lose and over excited about the victories, you cannot go further in trading. Therefore without being emotional better think wise and be smart when trading. The Singaporean traders are disciplined so they successfully focus on Forex trading Singapore.

      You have to study the market thoroughly to achieve the goal before you start trading clear your doubts and find answers to the questions in your mind. After trading, you should never think whether it is correct or wrong because you cannot take back the mistake. As a naïve trader remember to focus on your strategies and check for the conditions which will suit the market. If you master the trades successfully, you can become a successful trader.

      Risk Management
      Before anything first you should be able to manage the risk you will face in trading. As you will not always face profits in trade it is important to manage the emotions and cope with the risks. It is by taking risks, you become a better trader. Be aware of the trending changes occurring in the market as it will affect your trades.

      Actually, a successful trading depends on the perfect plan therefore as the trader you should know to implement a perfect plan which will help to succeed in the Forex market. Along with the plan remember to have a journal too which will record all your profits and losses and steps to be taken in order to achieve the goal. If you are a naive trader remember to stay calm to win the market.

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