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    Just a question is AEURO only for “betweeen the Euro and the Ardor ecosystem” ?

    I still wonder that not some Exchanges already listed it ?

    I mean with all the Hyper around the USD tether and Stablecoin discussion some Exchanges should be interested in it i guess ?

    At least for European business adoption its a awesome tool.

    Anyway i would love to see more Volume at AEUR and at least listed on some Exchanges πŸ™‚

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    For me AEUR is one of the most interesting parts of the Ardor platform.
    Clearly it’s an easy gateway from Euro to Ardor and viceversa thanks to Mistertango and Ardorgate, but mostly because you can to the wonderful things that Ardor allows you to do on a stable coin like AEUR.
    I cannot understand why it doesn’t pick up with adoption.

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    Martis from slack:
    Well, we filled few application for coin add to bittrex, but no response from them. Maybe after they start Bittrex international in Malta, stuff will be easier.
    And yes, usage is small and honestly I don’t know the reason of it. We decreased fee, but that did not help. Maybe usage of all Ardor platform is small and that’s is the reason. New child chains could increase that, I believe.
    And I think BTC, ETH or other chains would increase usage of AEUR, because many traders could use decentralized exchange between these. But these are not in near plans, AFAIK.
    Still covering service costs from my own pocket.
    But if you guys can help with spreading a word about AEUR, it would be great.

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    I have seen a chart somewhere of Cryptocurrency users split into usergroups, one of those groups was european people using Exchanges, so it might be good to know where European users trade coins so they might have a greater interest in having a AEUR token.

    So Bitfinex or Kraken seems having a lot of those.

    Unfortunately Crypto adoption and knowledge is still laging in Europe, so it still might take some time in General for Europe to come to the Blockchain timeage πŸ™‚

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      Thats a good point, thank you !
      Lets inform Martis πŸ™‚

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      We need to get Martis on board! πŸ™‚

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